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Library Leadership in Fiji

In May I worked with the second group of librarians participating in the INELi Oceania project. As part of the evaluation process I facilitated workshops in Fiji with representatives from Australia, New Zealand , Fiji, Timor Leste and Papaua New … Continue reading

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Developing a Community Service

  So how do you change an important community service? One where there is a lot of emotion attached and where there are multiple perspectives, ideas and knowledge? Creative Cognicion recently worked with one such service. It was a large … Continue reading

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Creative Melbourne

  Last week I participated in an event called Creative Melbourne. This was the second year  Creative Melbourne had been held with this years event being co created by a small group of participants from last year. As part of … Continue reading

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Working in a Changing Environment

  Late last year I had the pleasure of working with  several large groups at one of Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions. They had been struggling with change and how to work with it productively. Much to their amusement I suggested … Continue reading

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Team Dynamics-Let’s Look at Behaviour

I worked with an organisation this week to assist them to better understand the behaviours of enhancing team dynamics and collaboration. It is all very nice and well people understanding the principles of this, but reflecting and practicing behaviours takes … Continue reading

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  I have been mentoring students undertaking their Executive MBA at RMIT recently. The unit is Consultancy where they undertake a real life consulting project working with a client and with a mentor who provides support and learning from their … Continue reading

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Power and Authority in Leadership

Reflecting on the latest leadership challenges in terms of the election of the new President of the USA, the Brexit vote and the movements in the Australian political field, the question of power  and influence and the the authority of … Continue reading

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Librarians and Leadership

Over the last two years Creative Cognicion, as part of the Complexability group, has been working with a group of librarians across the South Pacific. They have been undergoing leadership development training which is funded by the Bill and Melinda … Continue reading

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Chat Cafe and Hong Kong College of Technology

During a recent visit to Hong Kong I facilitated a chat cafe with students so they could practice their English with a native English speaker. During the session a recording crew were present as they needed footage to place in … Continue reading

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Complex Tools and Methods Workshops

In collaboration with Complexability Creative Cognicion has facilitated two very successful Complex tools and Methods Workshops this year. The workshops have provided participants with an overview of complexity and drawn on publically available Cognitive Edge methodology as well as … Continue reading

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