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Developing a Community Service

  So how do you change an important community service? One where there is a lot of emotion attached and where there are multiple perspectives, ideas and knowledge? Creative Cognicion recently worked with one such service. It was a large … Continue reading

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Working in a Changing Environment

  Late last year I had the pleasure of working with  several large groups at one of Hong Kong’s tertiary institutions. They had been struggling with change and how to work with it productively. Much to their amusement I suggested … Continue reading

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Coaching and Taking Risk

Working with a client recently, there was a realization that in order to move forward with skills and capabilities a great deal of personal risk was required. Many are happy to take this risk, but others need some safety nets … Continue reading

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Sensemaking Catches the Whalers

When visiting a Sea Shepherd ship that is moored in my home town I was fascinated to hear the story of how they find the whalers in the Antarctic. It is a great story of working in a complex space, … Continue reading

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Metaphor is a powerful way of: developing ideas, starting a conversation, transferring knowledge and developing an understanding of complex concepts. In much of the work I undertake I weave in metaphor at some point and often along with story.  It … Continue reading

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Narrative Research

Recently I was discussing the issue of narrative research at the KM Asia Conference in Singapore. Some years ago I was engaged in using the technique, albeit in a very raw form when I was evaluating a program I was … Continue reading

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Organisational Culture

  Last week I attended  a webinar that got me thinking. The focus of the webinar was organisational culture and the relationship of Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs) and the locus of control. UGRs according to Steve Simpson are “the way we … Continue reading

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Networks and Emergence

I have recently been reading an article by Meg Wheatley on the power of networks and emergence and how this contributes to organisational growth, knowledge and sharing. It challenges the traditional notion of change within an organisation whihc is often … Continue reading

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People Can Change

  Recently I had some nice feedback from a group that I had facilitated a workshop with. The group had undergone significant change and it had proved painful. So painful to a point where the staff attitude survey showed the … Continue reading

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Using Complexity in change

Just having a think about change and how that is worked through and managed by people. I am currently working with a group in transition…a group who traditionally operates in a linear sense…absolute predictabilty and hierarchy. The notion is that … Continue reading

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