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Sensemaking Catches the Whalers

When visiting a Sea Shepherd ship that is moored in my home town I was fascinated to hear the story of how they find the whalers in the Antarctic. It is a great story of working in a complex space, … Continue reading

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Measuring and Monitoring All That Matters

Over the past year I have been working with a group of colleagues on several projects that fall within the Complex space. These projects are work that is trying to understand the impacts of a particular issue on people and … Continue reading

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Metaphor is a powerful way of: developing ideas, starting a conversation, transferring knowledge and developing an understanding of complex concepts. In much of the work I undertake I weave in metaphor at some point and often along with story.  It … Continue reading

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“No You Can’t Do That”

Recently I have been coming across people who are finding the whole notion of getting their ideas knocked back really frustrating. The RMIT students I mentor were talking about it,  people who are in big organisations are describing it to … Continue reading

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Creative Workplace Coaching

As part of its suite of offerings Creative Cognicion provides personalised workplace coaching for both groups and individuals.  We work with clients to assess need and co-design outcome driven interventions to meet these needs. Clients are assisted in the exploration … Continue reading

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Using Complexity in change

Just having a think about change and how that is worked through and managed by people. I am currently working with a group in transition…a group who traditionally operates in a linear sense…absolute predictabilty and hierarchy. The notion is that … Continue reading

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