Creative Cognicion grew out of needing to approach innovation, workplace and personal change differently.The basis of the work is to assist organisations and individuals within them to act, think, plan and do in an increasingly complex world.

Over time it has emerged as a resource which uses narrative, metaphor and other techniques to place people at the centre of their own change and meaning making process. Under these conditions people are better equipped to own their own change and be experts in their own development. 

The basis of the approach is a collaborative one with individuals and organsiations.  This includes clients and other individuals who from time to time work with Creative Cognicion.

Creative Cognicion is owned by Laurel who either works as a single individual or collaboratively combines with others to bring skills, capabilities and approaches that may be needed with the issue at hand.

Laurel has a background as a mental health clinician, later diversifying into leadership positions across various organisations. She is experienced in  working with organsiational and personal change using a variety of approaches including narrative, metaphor  and complexity tools.

Contact Laurel on laurel.sutton@cre-ativ-cognicion.com.au