Creative Cognicion and what it offers

Creative Cognicion

Creative Cognicion specialises in building organisational capability in thinking and acting with impact in a rapidly changing and complex world. Organisations are faced with increased change and the old and familiar ways no longer hold traction or relevance, nor place organisations and their people in a position to respond, grow, develop and survive.

We work collaboratively with the client to design and implement workshops and interventions that will specifically meet the client’s needs. We specialize in the use and implementation of innovative tools and techniques that assist the client in thinking and doing differently to help them learn and apply different ways of acting now and in the future and at a personal and organisational level.

In order to think, respond, act and add value, we must be able to make sense of what is happening and navigate our way forward with both strategic and creative intent.  Creative Cognicion does this by moving participants from linear and static approaches, to avenues which promote scanning, focusing, design and action.

Amongst the methods we use are tools and techniques for strategic, collaborative and creative thinking and development which are designed to enable the emergence of fresh ideas, insights, solutions, behaviors and actions.

We apply these in our workshops and interventions amongst which are:

  • people skills such as influencing and team relationships
  • organisational change and capacity building
  • thinking and problem solving techniques
  • coaching both group and individual
  • leadership development

Our accredited and experienced practitioners have successfully facilitated many sessions and projects across public and private sectors and work closely with clients to determine need, and to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Creative Cognicion also assists in the design and implementation of projects where new perspectives and new approaches are required.  These include evaluations,  strategy, planning, leadership and culture related interventions inclusive of change, transitions and conflict resolution

Laurel Sutton