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  I have been mentoring students undertaking their Executive MBA at RMIT recently. The unit is Consultancy where they undertake a real life consulting project working with a client and with a mentor who provides support and learning from their … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Students Cheer On Aussie Rules Players

During a recent trip to Hong Kong, Hong Kong College of Technology invited Creative Cognicion to facilitate “Conversation in English Cafes” with small groups of students. The purpose of the sessions was to expose students to native English speakers and … Continue reading

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Coaching and Taking Risk

Working with a client recently, there was a realization that in order to move forward with skills and capabilities a great deal of personal risk was required. Many are happy to take this risk, but others need some safety nets … Continue reading

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What is it that makes people become a Triceratops?

This may sound like a strange question! But it was certainly one that pre occupied people when the Organizational Zoo met Emotionally Intelligent leaders. Still confused? At a mini workshop, the issue of emotionally intelligent leadership was explored. To do … Continue reading

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Quality in Organisations

Recently I was involved with an organization who had to address the issue of quality and how they would achieve it and know when they were there as part of their accreditation process. It occurred to me that while thinking … Continue reading

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Personal Impact

“If you think¬† you are too small to have an impact, you have never been to bed with a mosquito.” Anita Roddick. This quote amongst a number of others I often use in my coaching activities. Quotes, especially those that … Continue reading

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Metaphor is a powerful way of: developing ideas, starting a conversation, transferring knowledge and developing an understanding of complex concepts. In much of the work I undertake I weave in metaphor at some point and often along with story.¬† It … Continue reading

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KM Asia

Recently at KM Asia in Singapore I co facilitated a workshop with Arthur Shelley from Intelligent Answers. We aimed at facilitating the workshop so the participants could develop an understanding of the use of metaphor through the Organizational Zoo (see … Continue reading

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More About Leadership

I was doing some reflecting after a workshop I undertook with an organisation around the notion of leadership and doing things differently. Quite often it seems we put people in leadership positions and do not enable them to be leaders. … Continue reading

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Thinking about how to describe yourself

I was recently working with a client who was having trouble describing who they were and what their achivements were in order to polish up their CV. So we developed a mindmap of them….full colour and lots of drawings. They … Continue reading

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