“I am inspired by the work you are doing and I know that you will make a great success of it. You have the vision and the creative ability and the interpersonal skills to explore issues at a high intellectual level”

Kevin Scott Assistant Commissioner People Development Victoria Police


“Laurel’s attributes reflect the ideal set for a change agent…resilient, genuine,empathetic, persistent…and her skills and knowledge…values and builds strong relationships, knows and applies loads of different techniques, able to nut out a clear direction messy and complex issues…with a healthy balance of humour. My hat is always  off for Laurel- I admire her greatly , and do not hesitate in recommending that you find the time to get to know Laurel, your outlook on life and work will change greatly.”

Debra Barron Program Manager Improving Quality Department of Treasury and Finance


Laurel is someone who has worked in the innovation and knowledge management field for a number of years and has built a substantial knowledge base. She is a very effective practitioner. I admire Laurel for her ability to tackle any issue calmly and effectively and manage difficult personalities so all work together and achieve a quality outcome and are keen to work together again”.

Leonie Newnham Manager Innovation, Department of Sustainabilty and Environment.


“Learning about and how to apply PMI and other tools was great. Laurel is a natural at this sort of thing….great fun and a great teacher”  Staff member participant HKCT


“I would like to say that I really enjoyed the Impact Program, I personally learnt a lot from the Power Exercise. As part of the Middles, I was sometimes frustrated as I felt we made decisions in hast which resulted in disastrous results, it was a great learning curve and at times I felt like I was at work.

I would like to thank both Laurel and you for this wonderful program and your expertise is very much appreciated.” Local government participant on IMPACT leadership development program


‘As a mentor and professional coach Laurel used a clever mixture of personal and professional skills to guide and teach through a large variety of topics in a short set time.

Her background as a mental health professional, allows her to have a deeper level understanding into patterns of thinking and behaviour that helped me to link my emotions and behaviour to my professional life, allowing me to further understand and excel in my chosen areas of discussion.

Allowing me to choose the professional development topics each session, not only showed her depth and ability to mentor on a variety of topics, but put me in control and allowed me to get the most out of the limited time.’

Cath S – Coaching Client