Hong Kong Students Cheer On Aussie Rules Players

075During a recent trip to Hong Kong, Hong Kong College of Technology invited Creative Cognicion to facilitate “Conversation in English Cafes” with small groups of students.

The purpose of the sessions was to expose students to native English speakers and encourage them to practice their English and learn about English speaking cultures.

Some innovation was needed to encourage the students to talk with the facilitator and one another so a session on “Where We Live” was devised.  Part of the session focused on Australian Rules Football using short video clips for the students to respond to. In this case the clips were of the successful 2105 Grand Finals of the Williamstown Football Club. www.williamstownfc.com.au.   

The students responded very positively, cheering on players as they kicked goals!!!!! The enthusiasm of the students has resulted in Creative Cognicion beign invited to facilitate further conversations specifically on Aussie Rules next year!!!!!!

The entire session was videoed and photographed and will form  part of a new publicity campaign for HKCT. This is being developed in conjunction with the opening of their new innovative campus at Ma On Shanhttp://www.hkct.edu.hk/?lang=en.


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