Complex Tools and Methods Workshop




Have you ever wondered what you might use to navigate your way through complex situations?

Complexability is facilitating  a workshop on October 30 that will introduce people to some tools and techniques for working with complexity.

A previous workshop in June 22 participants said:

A great introduction to complexity. I am now starting to make some sense of the space I often work in”

“Good tips on working in this space. I now know I need to experiment and have the confidence to do this as traditional linear approaches do not work in complexity.”

The one-day workshop is designed for people addressing complex challenges such as improving health, educational attainment, employment, climate change, crime and recidivism rates, developing new business markets or changing organisational culture.

Based on complexity principles, the tools and methods in this workshop are specifically designed for working with complex issues, multiple stakeholders and differing perspectives.

This experiential workshop will equip you to:

Know when complex tools, methods and processes are appropriate to use
• Understand and apply the principles of complex facilitation to maximise participant collaboration and minimise facilitator influence
• Use the Cynefin framework for collaborative understanding, engagement, planning, decision making, innovation, strategy, change management and impact monitoring
• Use the power of narrative for making sense of complex issues
• Design ways of intervening in, and monitoring changes in complex environments

To register please go to:

or for the brochure please click complex tools and methodsoct


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