Metaphor is a powerful way of:

  • developing ideas,
  • starting a conversation,
  • transferring knowledge and
  • developing an understanding of complex concepts.

In much of the work I undertake I weave in metaphor at some point and often along with story.  It serves to develop a strong image in the listeners mind thereby enhancing the understanding of the concepts or their own or another persons behaviour.

In the attached video ( via the link below) I discuss metaphor along with 3 of my colleagues. In this particular instance it refers largely to the Organizational Zoo metaphor developed by Arthur Shelley who also features in the video.

So if you are needing to look at change, values and attitudes, behaviours, teams, thinking, knowledge transfer….the list is only limited by one’s imagination…I would suggest the use of metaphor woven into whatever you are doing!!!!!

Have a look at the video……… may find it sparks the imagination and gives you some ideas about how you might explain concepts differently or have a difficult conversation!!!!

Org Zoo talking metaphor

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