This is by way of introducing myself.  I am setting up this blog so I can share with you some of the things I do from time to time and things that I mght be able to offer others.

I am someone who is passionate about a people focussed approach to leadership and organisations and believe it is the people of the organisation who are best placed to resolve their own issues and solve their own problems.  To this end I have used Cognitive Edge techniques frequently when assisting people to make change, undertake transitions and think about how they might do things differntly and better. I am not happy with only the thinking , but like to help people turn their thinking into actions.

And as for me, I have a background as a mental health clinician, post graduate qualifications in Organisation Behaviour and lots of experience in working in big and small organsiations and in the community.  I am an accredited Cognitive Edge practitioner ,De Bono Blue Hat facilitator, and have workplace learning qualifications. All of this comes together nicely in understanding people, how they think,  their cognition and behaviour and how this impacts on others and how we can work together to make changes.

And why the odd spelling of this site…because I can!!!

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