Knowledge Management

Having recently participated in the development of a KM strategy for DSE and been part of the KM Asia forum, it started me thinking again about KM and revisiting some of the work I did when I was with VPSCIN and Vicpol.

I came across a definition of KM we devised after having facilitated a workshop around KM for Vicpol. The struggle at the time was to convince people that knowledge was more than simply adding to the intranet and that it had a people basis. One of the first steps was the following definition that still has some traction today:

“Knowledge Management is adding to, sharing and shaping what we know, to create action that adds value.”

We had used a process of emergence in the workshop and coupled this with looking at some of the literature……….not unlike the process that was recently undertaken in DSE.


However where I think I have moved to is the notion that you cannot manage knowledge…it is rather an emergent process for the individual¬†and groups and happens with the right conditions being present to facilitate exploration, curiosity, learning and thinking.

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