3 New Workshops

Creative Cognition is offering 3 new workshops.


Are you often confronted with “No” as the first answer to your ideas? The Influencing workshops can assist you in having “Yes” said more often. The workshops use metaphor drawing on Organizational Zoo techniques to understand behaviors, and a range of creative techniques to help you develop your pitch. The workshops are a series of half day workshops with workplace application between sessions to help gain traction for the capabilities learnt. A less intensive whole day workshop is also offered.

Improving Your Team

Through the use of metaphor and designed interactions participants can explore how to improve their team interactions and thereby build a more effective team. The workshop helps participants gain insights into their own behaviors as well as that of the team and make adjustments where necessary.  It takes participants beyond the traditional “team building approach” into the realm of behaviors and attitudes and self reflection. Organizational Zoo techniques are drawn upon to develop the metaphors and understand behaviors in a fun and safe manner.

How to Move Forward (& not be frozen by risk!!)

This half day workshop assists with making risk an enabler rather than a barrier to moving forward. It looks at risk head on rather than denying it and helps the individual or group use it to their advantage. It is conducted in collaboration with “Think Quick”

A description of all offerings can be found in workshops creative cognicionjune 2011

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