Portraits in Blue

The Portraits In Blue Project is a narrative research project to look at the real stories of depression. It has been generated by several consumers/patients who believe that their stories are often untold and that the real impacts of depression are not understood or even known.

It is an innovative project, using narrative research techniques based on Cognitive Edge methodology to capture stories from consumers, carers  and practitioners. Those of us working on the project believe that there is a lot of wisdom in the day-to-day stories of people experiencing depression, and Portraits in Blue aims to better understand and share those stories and their wisdom. Ultimately we are hoping to influence policy makers,  advocate for better ways of understanding depression, and to influence the popular portrayal of depression.

The project is being developed and overseen by a group which includes people who suffer from depression, mental health practitioners and consultants with a range of expertise.

We are also in receipt of wonderful pro bono support from Minter Ellison, Micah Projects and Cognitive Edge making the project a possibility and reality.

We have thus far piloted the tool to gather data and when it is finalised a link will appear on this blog.

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