Delegation Shares Stories




I recently facilitated a session with a delegation from Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam. The session was around capability building in the public service. A session that could run the risk of being very dry and boring if not handled in the right way.

This is where the power of story came in. As part of the session, the delegation was asked to share their experiences around an open ended question. While the rest of the group was listening to the story teller, they were asked to write on a sticky note what they heard. We then grouped the issues together on the wall…like with like and gave each one a name. In this way, the group themselves owned the ideas as they emerged rather than me telling them what it was all about. We then used this as  a basis for discussion around building knowledge and capability.

The group displayed a great sense of humour and an enormous interest in learning. In particular they liked the  quote from Richard Branson:





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