Power and Authority in Leadership


Reflecting on the latest leadership challenges in terms of the election of the new President of the USA, the Brexit vote and the movements in the Australian political field, the question of power  and influence and the the authority of leadership raises its head.. How do we as leaders tap into what is really going on with the various groups in society. Are we so cognitively  entrained by our groups of peers that we are unable to listen and see what is happening? And how does our own group of peers effect our behaviours as leaders and determine our actions?

A significant level of EI is needed by leaders today along with an ability to shift and move our behaviours and thinking………and maybe even an escape plan from our own thinking and group influences.

To assist leaders in addressing these issues, Bespoke Results and Creative Cognicion are facilitating a one day workshop at Airlie on March 3 next year. This is a highly experiential workshop and has been run on a number of other occasions with groups who have found it thought provoking and challenging.

Registration can be made through the attached brochure. ( there is a considerable discount for registrations prior to Christmas!!!)  Power Authority Program Brochure March 2017 copy


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